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Test What Color Lipstick You Are Suitable For?

Apr 02, 2018

Lipstick is the finishing touch of the overall makeup. Choosing the lipstick color will not only make people rejuvenate, but also make people more attractive, and the lipstick also has the effect of adjusting the mood. Want to know what color lipstick is suitable for you? Please feel free to finish the following tests and the option resolution will tell you what you are thinking.

What do you do when your skin tone is yellow due to fatigue?

A night taking vitamin E and vitamin C. 

B apply mask. 

C Tu whitening skin care products. 

D only apply basic money in daily life and let the skin whiten itself.

The answer is as follows!

A nude color system

Nude color can highlight women's temperament. And the most popular transparent makeup is the nude lipstick as a wonderful ending. Nude color lipstick looks like inconspicuous, in fact, nude color can best reflect the transparency and texture of the skin. Choosing the right nude lipstick can make pro look more capable young.

B pink

Pro has the unique charm of the Barbie doll, pink lipstick is the first choice for you. Because the pink color has a variety of colors, it is suitable for natural collocation on different occasions. For example, dinner can choose Rose pink, everyday makeup can choose light pink. In short, pink painted on the beloved lips will be very cute and beautiful.

C orange color

Orange is a very popular lipstick in recent years. And the orange color does not pick skin color, especially for Asians to apply. The orange-colored lipstick is perfect for driving European and American makeup. Smeared with orange, the entire complexion will be brightened several times, and orange lipstick with Mori girl style, Japan and South Korea style, European and American style clothes are also very perfect.

D red

The pro-quality gas field is very unique and has a very high personal charisma. You are a talented person in the workplace. Red is the best match for your honorable status. Red has a unique felicity and highlights the characteristics of the temperament of the temperament. Red lipstick is applied to make you more charming and charming. The return rate will be very high.