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How To Choose Red Lipstick?

Apr 08, 2018

Looked at too much lipstick every day to try, take a look, but do not know which one to buy? In fact, the choice of red lipstick is a knowledge, suitable for today's lipstick, changed clothes tomorrow, no hair painting. How to choose the red number in the end, the following few instructions to teach you!


Before choosing the red number, you must have a correct understanding of your skin color and hair color. For example, a black-haired sister is generally more suitable for darker lipsticks than a hair-dyed sister, and a yellowish-skinned woman is better off saying that she has high saturation, fluorescent, and light-colored lipsticks. Popular on the Internet to the skin tone is divided into cool tone and warm tone, yellow and white, this method has a certain reference in the choice of red lipstick, but suggest that we still try to move to the counter. You should also look at your wardrobe before picking the red lipstick. If your style of dress is soft and sweet, then your aunt's color lipstick is likely to be used several times before it will always eat ash in the drawer. If you are a capable office worker, then you will find that if you want to follow the trend and buy your fish, there is no way to make them face the boss every day. Knowing which outfits you are suitable for will help you choose the correct lipstick number. However, understanding these situations is by no means a day's work. Choosing the wild lipstick number can save you a lot of energy. On the basis of raising your skin, sometimes you can really change the beauty with one click, which is comparable to the beauty figure facu U.

Let's take a look at the red lipstick numbers commonly used by several sister papers. The first is the bean-colored lipstick. This lipstick number also has a lot of differentiation and differentiation. It has bought the bean-white color of partial flour or partial orange, and it is still easy to step on thunder. Want to make the world non-thunder, the color of bean paste is the most suitable. The first use of this color sister paper can choose lipstick pen, lipstick pen design lipstick smear is more simple than lip glaze; lipstick itself has a certain degree of moisture and hiding power, eliminating the cumbersome lip base and concealer; The price of lipstick is close to the people, and the student sister can also bring home. This series of lipsticks is practical and good-looking, and then I personally recommend my favorite Rose No. 13 color, its color is even more tender, painted immediately becomes a soft sister, really is the United States and the United States! How did you get to choose the method of lipstick?