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Eyebrow Pencil And Eyebrow Powder,which One Is Better?

Apr 12, 2018

Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder,which one is better?

Although eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil are tools for painting eyebrows, different materials and workmanship have different differences. According to their own eyebrows to choose which is more suitable for themselves.

1. The eyebrow shape is incomplete and the eyebrows are sparse. Then the eyebrow pencil is a better choice.

2. For eyebrow complete and relatively strong people recommend the choice of eyebrow powder, you can make your eyebrows softer.

Eyebrow powder

Advantages: Eyebrow powder has a very natural effect, long-lasting color and versatility. Can significantly fill the gap between the eyebrows to help groom the eyebrows.

Disadvantages: If used improperly, it may go up a little thick. In order to avoid this situation, use an ultra-fine beveled eyebrow brush to draw the eyebrow powder. If it looks a bit heavy, you can also cover it with some loose powder on your eyebrows.

Eyebrow pencil

Advantages: Convenient and quick, suitable for outline eyebrows, draw short feathered eyebrows, outline eyebrows.

Disadvantages: Under normal circumstances, the eyebrow pencil is not very easy to grasp. If you have a bad grasp of strength, the eyebrows drawn will appear stiff. Can not reconcile color, because containing wax, in a warm and humid environment, relatively easy to make-up.

In summary, Here is more recommended for beginners to use eyebrow powder Oh, but the best thrush method is to use eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder together.