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What Should I Do If My Eyeliner Is Dry?

Apr 09, 2018

What should I do if my eyeliner is dry?

Sometimes you will find that the eyeliner pen that hasn't been used a few times doesn't have water. Don't throw it at this time, because it's probably just the eyeliner. Although the eyeliner pen is easy to use, there is a drawback that it is easy to dry because it comes into contact with air when used, and its own moisture content is volatile. But if you throw it away after not using it several times, it's really wasteful. So what can you do to save the erased eyeliner?

Tools / raw materials:

Hot water

Lotion, eye drops


1 Shake it before use.

2 Close the lid of the eyeliner and let it soak in hot water. This will dry the eyeliner and restore moisture, but only temporarily.

3 You can wet your eyeliner with water, then take a cotton pad and draw it. If not, then consider adding lotion or eye drops to the eyeliner, but be careful not to use alcohol, otherwise the effect is not good.

4 If you do not use the above method, you may be really running out of liquid eyeliner, then you have to buy a new one.

5 However, at this time, don't hurry to throw away the used eyeliner pen and leave it as a makeup tool. Eyeliner can be used to draw eyeliner.

6 Can also be used with eyebrows and eyebrows. Similar to the use of water eyebrow pencil. Pro easy to use!!