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How To Choose The Foundation Products For Spring?

Apr 11, 2018

In the dry early spring, no matter how good moisturizing and hydrating is done, will it feel dry and tight if it is powdered? At this point, foundation creams and oil-rich liquid foundations are like protecting the skin, slowing the loss of moisture and calories and keeping the skin healthy and healthy; and there are more skin care products in these types of foundation products. Nourish ingredients to keep skin moist and plump throughout the day.

Partial fear of skin oil is easy to get dirty.Once oily, not only will more dirt get into the pores, but the oil-filled T-zone and chin will also have a color difference with the surrounding due to flooding and become dirty, so the thick texture of the foundation cream is not suitable. Instead, the liquid foundation with a slightly higher oil content can precisely match the naturally reduced amount of oil, giving the skin less protection.

At the same time when choosing not only to pay attention to the number of oil, but also to select the glossy gloss and fine powder products. Matt color, it will converge the feeling of floating powder caused by light, make makeup more real; the finer the silty, the easier it is to combine with the oil secreted by the skin to play the role of auxiliary oil control.

Pick TIPS: Take some liquid foundation with your thumb and middle finger and rub it gently to feel the delicate and glossy texture. At the same time, we must pay attention to its hiding power, because most of the oily skin is easy to Zhangdou, and leave acne marks, the effect of foundation cream can not be ignored.

Partial dry skin is the type of skin that should choose the foundation cream. Because of the low secretion of its own oil, it lacks protection. In the cold season, it is directly exposed to the cold air. No makeup is better, and all the problems such as fine lines, peeling, and roughness appear. Only by replenishing oil and moisture at the same time to achieve water and oil balance, can we form a durable protective film on the skin surface, improve the problem, and make the makeup look clean and lasting.

Therefore, the foundation cream needed for partial dry skin should contain more mild skin care ingredients. It is like a bottle of milk added with a silty effect, so that the plant essence and moisturizing factor can provide nutrition to the skin while applying makeup. Such as containing some flash factor is even better, because it can brighten the skin, appear bright and transparent, from the visual to escape the dull and fine lines brought by dry.

Select TIPS: Lightly applied to the neck, because there is less secretion of oil here, it is more clean and dry, the most can simulate dry skin after freshly cleaned. If you can cover the small wrinkles on the neck and feel comfortable and moisturized, then achieve results.

For sensitive muscles, whether it is foundation or liquid, maintenance should be the primary consideration. The first is that the water content should exceed 40%. Many of the sensitive issues of our skin are caused by water loss and thus lose resistance to external stimuli. For example, lack of water will cause small cracks that we can't see with the naked eye, and it is very easy to be invaded and inflamed by bacteria, which is the most common type of allergy. If skin cells are deficient in water, they cannot refract sunlight. Even if sunscreen is applied, they are prone to photoallergic reactions.

Second, although it is not necessary to emphasize the pure plant formula, it is necessary to confirm the absolute safety of the ingredients and the addition of some anti-allergic ingredients. Such as improving blood circulation of ginkgo, anti-inflammatory licorice and chamomile, as well as a calming and soothing aloe vera and biologically balanced sugars.

Pick TIPS: Spread two to three grams of foundation cream or liquid on the back of the hand. If you can see the tiny drops of water and quickly integrate with the skin, prove that the water content is sufficient. At the same time, it can be wiped behind the ear, where the skin is the most delicate and fragile. If there is no adverse reaction, you do not need to worry about allergies.