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How To Choose The Right Foundation?

Apr 03, 2018

1. Select the foundation color that suits your skin tone. Too shallow foundation hit the face, superimposing their own skin color, it is easy to make the skin green, as if with a pathological state; too deep foundation will make the skin look dull. If you want a natural, white complexion, choose a foundation that is lighter than the complexion.

2. Choose foundation according to the texture you want to express. If you have more facial blemishes, you can choose foundation cream to do basic foundation makeup; if you want to reflect the natural transparent feeling, you can choose liquid foundation to do the bottom-up makeup; if you want to conceal and want to translucent, choose a concealer and air cushion.

3. If you just want to adjust the skin color, you can choose BB cream that suits your skin color.

It should be noted that the texture of the foundation is rela- tive, and using a good quality foundation cream may be more transparent than a poorly made foundation. In general, it is the most important for yourself.