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How To Choose Your Own Makeup Foundation Color?

Apr 10, 2018

In general, the color of the skin can be divided into a cool tone, a warm tone, and a neutral tone. In fact, if it is to be subdivided, it can be divided into neutral cold skin, red skin, olive skin, neutral red skin and so on.

Distinguish yourself from cold and warm skin, you need to choose yellow tone and pink tone. After all, bottom makeup is the most critical factor affecting the makeup, and many girls daily nude makeup is only applied to the skin to modify the skin, so the choice of foundation is particularly important.

Many foundations have yellow and pink shades, so be sure to follow this major premise: warm skin choose yellow tone foundation, cold skin choose pink tone foundation. Everyone has a yellow skin tone, so all foundations look yellow! Yellow tones seem easier to look warm, and pink tones look easier to look cold.

In layman's terms, there are two major factors in choosing a foundation. One is the color depth, which is from white to black; one is the color tone to see if you are warm or cold.

If you are a warm skin sister, but you look bad, his face is yellow and dark:

You can use a little powder to adjust the liquid foundation, to neutralize facial yellow, so that his face a little bright. (However, do your best to mix the yellow and white powder. Don't use only the powder!)

If you're a cold skin girl, but you have a lot of red blood on your face, it's reddening:

You can use a little yellow tone liquid foundation to neutralize red on your face to make the skin look even and natural.

Asian crush is mostly white, so when choosing the depth of foundation, it is often the first thing to choose. In fact, it is very wrong, and the neck color number is too much difference, wearing a white mask is too exaggerated, the neck than the face of the proposal is based on the neck color number. Choose the wrong skin tone, painted white color number, the face will be gray and dark, will not be bright.