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How To Distinguish Between Foundation Cream, Liquid Foundation, BB Cream, And Air Cushion?

Apr 04, 2018

With a perfect base makeup, your makeup has already been successful. Here we introduce

Foundation cream, liquid foundation, BB cream, and air cushion make it easy for you to choose.

Foundation cream

Foundation cream is currently selected fewer people, its advantage is that the concealer effect is better, the disadvantage is that dealing with bad will appear more heavy. Therefore, the fineness of the foundation cream has a great influence on the texture of the makeup surface.

Liquid Foundation

Compared to foundation cream, liquid foundation is more delicate and lighter. Liquid foundation can better fit the skin, showing a clear skin texture.

BB cream

Many people use BB cream instead of liquid foundation. The texture of BB cream is between the foundation cream and the liquid foundation. However, many brands of BB creams can make the skin appear gray, so you need to carefully select.

Air cushion

The air cushion is very thin and light, can cover the slight flaws, and can also adjust the skin color, so that your overall look looks more translucent. If it is too heavy, it can be used with a concealer. Concealer is used to conceal it first, and then the air cushion is used. This will make the entire makeup look perfect.