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Male Makeup Pop (financial Perspective)

Mar 01, 2017

In recent years, more and more men join the ranks of skin care, beauty, and even plastic and spared no expense to create its own "vanity project". As early as 2012, report says about men's cosmetic market, men use cosmetics including skin care, 90%; half of British men often have makeup. A recent survey showed that men, average daily use 4.5 kinds of cosmetics, South Korea men's market size of about 1.5 trillion won (about 8.7 billion yuan).

In fact, male grooming has existed since ancient times. In China, the men cosmetics have prevailed in several dynasties. In Wei-Jin period for men "creamy skin, lips set ink, white in the Moonlight" description. In ancient Egypt, to Pharaoh on down to the people will draw the eye shadow, aftershave cream, in addition to beauty, there are sunscreen and religious factors.

Due to its small size, male cosmetic market is experiencing a rapid ascent phase. According to the market research firm Euromonitor consulting, in 2013, the global men's cream, lotion and whitening cream spending reached 3.3 billion dollars, including Asian markets accounted for 64%. American investigators said men with basic nursing 4.5% 2016-2022 is expected to be an average annual growth rate of the market.

This is not isolated in some countries and regions. In countries such as Japan and South Korea with male beauty "traditional" national and European economic developed area, make-up sales has always been prominent in some emerging market countries, as economic development, men's cosmetics sales by leaps and bounds in recent years. In China, for example, in 2015, China men's personal care product sales rose 7%, faster than the overall gain of 5%.

From a marketing viewpoint, men's cosmetics booms, except due to the economic downturn "Lipstick effect", is the largest cosmetics brand to open up the potential market for men is all about. For example, in marketing, Estée Lauder conducted large-scale structural readjustment, men's skin care unit was established; launched subsidiary of l ' Oréal Biotherm men BB cream traditional makeup brands such as Dior, Mac or through advertising campaigns, allowing men to accept "the make-up of these brands are not for women only" the idea. In terms of channels over the past 6 years, global cosmetic company has launched over 200 mergers, market layout better.

In addition, e-commerce development to those who do not want to store counter in person pick skin care products for men, providing a more convenient purchase channels. Amazon just released in China reported in 2016, men's skin care products in Amazon's sales continue to rise, some hot men's skin care brand sales up twice from 2015. According to l ' Oréal 2016 first-half earnings, its e-commerce sales channel growth 33%. Focus on e-commerce cooperation, optimize its branded sales website, cosmetics companies also became the "compulsory".

The recent popularity of a lip gloss color called "cut man", is said to have painted the color of lipstick to win men's hearts. Perhaps the men's skincare market could be like "cut man", gains more from beauty men, success beyond their pocket money or to shore up the economy a bright.